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Axess Bluetooth Low Energy


Die neue Axess SkiWallet Applikation zusammen mit dem AX500 Smart Gate NG BLE verwandelt Ihr Smartphone in ein Skiticket und ermöglicht einen vollständig kontaktlosen Zutritt.

Sie weist den Weg in eine sichere Zukunft des Ticketing und der Zugangskontrolle. Es werden keine Papier- oder Plastiktickets mehr benötigt. Benutzen Sie einfach Ihr Smartphone und genießen Sie Ihren Skitag!

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Smartphone Ticket

This is how the smartphone ticket works:

1. Download the Axess SkiWallet app from the Apple App Store or Google PlayStore.
(Google PlayStore / Apple App Store )
2. Buy ticket and transfer to the app via QR code scan or direct link.
3. Activate ticket - in this step it is inseparably connected to the smartphone and cannot be activated by any other device.
4. Switch on the ticket and let the app run in the background.
5. Insert phone into the left chest pocket of the jacket and go through the turnstile as usual.

Ab EUR 350,00

Important Information:

Please note:
  • Steps 2 and 3 from above require a connection to the internet. All other steps can be done without a connection. Also, use while skiing is not dependent on an internet connection.
  • Fully charge the smartphone before the ski day.
  • Always keep the SkiWallet app running in the background.
  • Monitor battery level during ski day.
  • Observe minimum requirements (-> link) for cell phone and operating system before purchase.
Ab EUR 350,00